Marketing Tools to Increase Traffic

Product Designs Offered:

  • Logos

  • Flyers

  • Invitations

  • Newsletters

  • Retail packaging

  • Postcards

  • Business cards

  • Posters

  • T-shirts

  • Table tents

  • Menus

  • Brochures

  • Rack cards


brochure example

Social Media Marketing & Management 

more traffic & more engagement.

Develop Brand Awareness (followers)

Build Relationships (engagement; likes, comments)

Increase Website Exposure (traffic = campaigns to website)

Social Media Marketing Process:

I will learn about your business.

I will be available to communicate through e-mails daily or we can schedule a time to speak verbally.

I will perform research and develop a custom strategy (buyer persona, define strategy and develop advertising approach).

Once strategy is developed we move on to execution.

Content and advertisement will be unique to your brand.

Content can be prepared into monthly calendar for review and approval.

I will be responsive to you and your clients in less than 24 hours of contact.

I will use organic tactics such as hashtags, contests and

following to grow your channels.

Social Media Services

  • Facebook

  • Twitter

  •  Instagram

  • Constant Contact (e-mail newsletters)

  • LinkedIn

  • Snapchat

  • Google+

  • Pinterest

  • Tumblr

  • Bebo

  • Reddit

  • Flickr

  • Foursquare

Website Design Services

Responsive and attractive

  1. I will make it easy for users to navigate through your website and will make it responsive across all devices, including mobile phones, tablets,and desktop computers.

  2. To understand your website needs and preferences, I will send you questions and requirements via e-mail.

  3. If you already have a hosting account such as GoDaddy or Bluehost I will need access to your hosting account to design your website, if you do not have a hosting account that's ok we can create one together.

  4. Once you provide me with access, I will start developing your website.

  5. In about 7-14 days, Taylor ASM should have a rough draft of your website complete.